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Dress Code



Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District School Board Policy establishes that students shall wear appropriate clothing and footwear and groom themselves for school in a manner that does not discriminate against participants in, or substantially disrupt, the educational program. The administration and staff believe that dress affects the academic environment at school and, in some cases, can be disruptive to the learning environment.  Therefore, the dress code applies at all times to students while on campus or in attendance at any school event.


The following items are examples and not intended to be a complete list of rules regarding dress:


  • Clothing, jewelry and personal items (backpacks, fanny packs, gym bags, water bottles etc.) shall be free of writing, pictures or any other insignia which are crude, vulgar, profane or sexually suggestive, which bear drug, alcohol or tobacco company advertising, promotions and likenesses, or which advocate racial, ethnic or religious prejudice.
  • Clothes shall be sufficient to conceal undergarments at all times. See-through or fish-net fabrics, halter tops, off-the-shoulder or low-cut tops, bare midriffs and skirts or shorts shorter than mid-thigh are prohibited.
  • Pants must be worn near waist level; oversized clothing is unacceptable.
  • Outer clothing must be in good repair.
  • Shoes must be worn at all times. No open toed shoes allowed. All shoes must have a back.
  • All decisions regarding interpretation of dress code will be determined by administration. Actions may include one or more of the following:



            Incident 1   Item may be confiscated, alternative clothing loaned, warning given, parent contacted

 Incident 2   Item will be confiscated, alternative clothing loaned, parent contact, detention.

Incident  3   Item will be confiscated, alternative clothing loaned, parent contact, Saturday School / Saturday Work hours assigned, possible student contract.

Incident  4  Item will be confiscated, alternative clothing loaned, parent conference held, in-house suspension, student placed on behavior contract.

Incident  5  Item will be confiscated, alternative clothing loaned, parent conference held, student placed on Behavior contract, student may lose privileges to participate in school activities, school suspension (Ed Code 48900(k) Defiance)



*Valadez administrators reserve the right to determine if a garment meets dress code requirements






*Los administradores de Valadez se reservan el derecho de determinar si una ropa cumple los requisitos del código de vestimenta